Eliminator MTB Race

Saturday, August 04, 2018, 9am

Eliminator MTB Race


The Eliminator is back for 2018, but there have been some refinements. Trail D was completed in December of 2017. So, of course, we have to include it in this year’s race! We’ve also added classes: Novice, Intermediate, and Expert.


For those that are new to the Eliminator, this is how it works: You are allowed a certain amount of time to finish a lap. If you finish that lap within the allowed amount of time, you will advance to the next lap; however, you will have 5 less minutes to finish each lap you advance to until there is one rider standing, or until it is no longer humanly possible to finish a lap in the given amount of time. Racers will be ranked based on their position for the final lap they completed within the allowed time limit.  For example, if you finish lap 3 within the time limit then decide to go for lap 4 and fail at completing that lap within the time limit, you will be ranked based on lap 3.


Here’s how the classes are going to work;


Novice: 1 lap (10 miles). This will operate like a normal race.  There is no time limit, and the fastest novice wins.


Intermediate: 2-3 laps (20+ miles). The intermediate class is for those riders who think their limit might be reached after three laps. That being said, if you finish your third lap and think you’ve got the fourth one in you…go for it!


Expert: 4+ laps (40+ miles). If you know you will be going for at least 4 laps, then the expert class is for you.


Entry Fee is $30 no matter which class you enter.  All proceeds will go towards creating new trails and maintaining the trails we have.


Here are the lap limits:


Lap 1 - 65 minutes

Lap 2 - 60 minutes

Lap 3 - 55 minutes

Lap 4 - 50 minutes

Lap 5 - 45 minutes


There will be a 5 minute break between each lap.




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